Are you ready?

Things are (hopefully) finally starting to fall into place and it's now time for me to grab as much detail as possible from you. The reason I ask these questions is because I actually create my own "running order" of your day, so I know where I need to be, who I need to grab and what's coming up next. I do my absolute best not to intrude on your day, after all this is your wedding day and not a photoshoot. That being said, you want me to capture the best photos possible and I can only do this with the below information.

Thank you for your time in advance.

Any questions, drop me an email!

if you've booked me for half day, please remember I'm only with you for 6 hours

Please don't feel bad if I'm not included in the meal count. I will use the time your guests are eating to go off site, purchase and eat a hot meal. I must let you know that I cannot be held responsible for any photos missed during this time. If I’m not with you over meal times, please tick no, I’ll know when I see your names.

This may include your venue requesting to use a photo from your wedding day on their instagram or website for marketing purposes. If photos are requested, I will always consult you before hand. I will NOT pass your gallery details onto anyone other than you. I would simply send them the photo(s) they're wanting to use that you have agreed to. If vendors choose to screenshot and share a post on instagram, it will not be my sole responsibility to pull them up on this if you do not wish for them to do so.