Meet the Photographer

Welcome, I'm Chelsey Leigh Nicoll

I'm a slow life advocate. I love a good walk and obligitory drink afterwards - Aspall or Red. I appreciate the small pleasures, a fiery sunset, an independent bookshop and the first signs of autumn. As you can probably tell I do romanticise life, because why not?
Speaking of romance, I live with my partner, Adam. He's my rock, partner in adventure and compass (I'd be lost without him).

My attitude towards life is very calm and I hope to bring this to your wedding day.

I recently asked my partner,

How would you describe me?

Creative, passionate, caring & organised

What makes any photographer differ from the rest is themselves. I'd like to think most people charging for wedding photography services can take a picture and has all the necessary equipment. What you're looking for is someone whose photographic style you like and importantly, someone you will get along with.




Photography is my life. It's the way I communicate best with the world.



The passion I hold for photography runs so much deeper than an Instagram post. I'm a real nostalgia seeker. I'm the type of person who looks over old photos to see what I was doing a year ago today.

There are two things in this world that will always fascinate me, photography and time. I could speak for hours about these, but you have a wedding to plan and a photographer to book, so I'll end my mini essay by saying this...

A photograph is more than a picture. It's a time capsule.


Girl photographing sea rocks in Pembrokeshire during golden hour
Girl walking along path during summer with backpack on taking on Caldey Island Pembrokeshire

Things you might want to know...


I'm also a commercial photographer.

I work with businesses to create lifestyle images for their websites and social media. You can check out my work on Instagram @chelseyleighphoto

I take on 25-30 weddings per year.

This is to ensure I can concentrate properly on the couples I book without overloading myself. It also allows me to still live and enjoy my many adventures.

I turned full-time professional in 2019.

I've been a photographer for over 10 years, but took on my first paid booking in summer 2019. That was for a family shoot, but I quickly realised this wasn't my calling.

I cover most of the UK.

I don't take on weddings in the South East. I'm very much an outdoorsy girl and I'm seeking out likeminded couples. My favourite places to travel to are Scotland, The Lake District, South Wales, Devon and Cornwall.

I shoot on Canon.

I'm not sure if this'll make a difference to you. It shouldn't but I have been asked in the past.

I 'm sensible, I'm insured.

I have PLI and I'm happy to share my certificate with you if needed. Some venues, mainly older listed buildings, might ask to see this. Just let me know.

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