Stevie + Mike

Henblas country park | Anglesey

The scene setter:

Let me take you back to the 8th September 2023. A rather warm 26° with minimal wind and of course extremely high humidity. When they say September can be nice, they ain't kidding! Perspiration aside, Stevie and Mike had the most beautiful wedding day on the tranquil island of Anglesey. They fell in love with Henblas Country Park as soon as they seen it and to be honest I can completely understand why. Surrounded by nothing but open fields, the refurbished farmstead effortlessly combines a rustic and yet luxurious feel.

I met with the couple a month before their big day to discuss all their plans and answer any questions they had. It was clear from our chat that they wanted super natural, candid photos as opposed to lots of more formal group portraits. Totally my vibe anyway so that was good! Plus, with the heat feeling more like 62° than 26°, I think everyone would've hated me for making them stand in the blazing sun without a drink for too long.

The photos:

A few frames from this sun shinning day...

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